Elusivewax write and develop educational curriculum's for cultural and formal learning at various educational establishments in London, Cambridge, UK and Malaga. We also provide curriculum development and support in London and Cambridge schools as part of the National Curriculum for Performing Arts. We provide internships for young people in various cutting edge companies in Cambridge and Malaga with an emphasis on business management, law, marketing, culture, media, arts, music and sport. We prepare students for languages courses; IELTS and CPE entry exams and advise on CV’s writing skills for the British Market. Elusivewax is currently preparing to host a contemporary art exhibition here in Cambridge to involve wider audiences. Our VET training courses can be found by visiting Submeet. We also focus on training migrant teachers and students for better integration into various UK establishments and British culture.

Elusivewax Limited
Haslemere House
Magrath Avenue
CB4 3AH  
T: 00 44 (0)7971 225972