Stewart is an accomplished music technology teacher with a history of writing and teaching various outreach projects in London and New York. Stewart gained a music diploma from Goldsmith's University in 2006 to add to his portfolio of learning with a BA and MA both in education. With over 35 years teaching experience using various digital software programmes Stewart now uses Ableton live © and Ableton Push © delivering niche lessons to his private students. Stewart also has various contracts in various schools in the UK, teaching - mixing vinyl, editing and composing electronic music. He also teaches A' Level music and has written a thesis on 'The history of House Music'. He has contributed to the 'Dance Music' programme for Edexcel which is now part of the National Curriculum in England and Wales. Private lessons are available on request. His production music can be found by clicking on the Bandcamp link

Moments of Excellence (Aeroplane Feat. Holy Ghost V Stewart Essence)