Stewart Essence began his music career in the mid 1980s playing Electro, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and Disco music in pubs, clubs and bars across London. When dance music from the USA began to break ground and evolve in the UK in the late 80s Stewart began organising events in the capital under the guises: 'Hav' Sum a That' and Elusivewax. Having toured the globe throughout the 90s he began a 10 year residency at the infamous THE END nightclub in London in 1999 and a 2 year residency at New York's Filter 14 club from 2004-06. Stewart also has a number of successful productions, edits and remixes under his belt and he continues to provide a definitive sound for his audiences.

The key element about being a DJ is playing one’s style of music and working with the many DJs he has met and worked with in his career. There are too many to mention however, staying in contact with them has helped his professional and social friendships grow.

Stewart continues to tour the globe playing the finest selection of underground music.